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Deertech Services offers high-end consulting, delivering essential support services that augment companies’ IT capabilities, and provide application development.

We work across the full spectrum of Microsoft® products and technologies, and usually implements new solutions in-house first before letting customers experience them.

The most effective IT solutions are those that help our clients improve their business, not restrict it with the wrong kind of setup. The “latest and greatest” may be exactly what you need; it may not.

Our approach to IT consulting looks for a balance between available budget, the best technology for the job, and your existing environment.

Here’s an overview of how our consultants work with new clients:

  1. we audit your network. Our Network Audit creates a complete picture of your infrastructure, including:
    Network Elements
    – Documentation that currently exists
    – Any Network Redundancy built-in
    – Existing Support Contracts
    – Operations Process & Management
    – Network Security Status/Technology Used
    *With this, we can determine if the project you’ve called us in on will work as desired. Or if additional work may be needed to clear up 
  2. Consider the client’s budget & intended goals.
  3. Make recommendations for a solution that fits into (or improves) the current infrastructure.
  4. When the solution is agreed upon, we implement the necessary hardware, then software to complete it.

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